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Pulse Jet Bag Filters



Pulse Jet Bag Filter is an Air Pollution Control equipment that removes Dust particles out of Air (or) Gas released from combustion of fuels in the Boiler (or) heater, steel melting Furnaces, etc. The filters are used to control emission of air pollutants. Pulse jet bag filters can be used in pharmaceutical industries, food industry, wood manufacturing industry and many more. They have a collection efficiency up to 99.9% and can be used up to 260°C.


In reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filters, individual bags are supported by a metal cage, which are Fastened (or) Fired onto the Tube Sheet at the top of the Bag Filter. Dirty gas enters from the bottom (or) middle of the bag house and flows from outside to inside of the Bag. The metal cage that prevents the collapse of the bags are cleaned by a short pulse of compressed air injected through a common manifold over a row of bags. The compressed air is accelerated by a venture nozzle mounted at the top of the bag.


The Pulse Jet Air Filter can be used for:

  • Process and Power Boilers.

  • Spent wash fired Boilers.

  • Steel melting induction Furnaces.

  • Cement and other mineral processing application.

  • Food & Pharmaceuticals application.

  • LEAD smelting applications.

What we Offer:

Air volumes Ranging from 500 CMH to 300000 CMH

Temperature Range: 20°C to 260°C

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