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Max VTC Series

The Max VTC Series are a range of three or four pass vertical coil type thermic fluid heaters. They are a solid fuel fired boilers with an external furnace.

With capacities ranging from 1 lac Kcal/hr. to 50 lac Kcal/hr., working temperatures of 280oC and340oC can be obtained with this series. The feeding system can be either be manual or automatic or a semi fluidized bed can be used

A thermal efficiency of 75 ± 2% can be obtained on NCV, which can be increased to 80 ± 2% on NCV with a heat recovery unit. An economiser or an air preheater can be added as a heat recovery unit in order to improve efficiency.

The Max VTC series is suitable for various types of fuels like coal, bagasse, wood, lignite, briquettes and more.

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